Hotel Suites Vs. Hotel Residences

May. 23, 2024
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What’s More Preferable for Hotel Guests in Pakistan?

The past decade has altered the narrative of many things. One among them is the concept of booking and staying at hotels. It has taken a major leap from being a necessity to being an adventure. It had come a long way in luxury, comfort, and convenience. This is the main reason that people planning a visit to any new destination consider many aspects before choosing a spot for their stay.

Hotel Suites Vs. Hotel Residences

One of the main questions many travelers and tourists ask is whether they should go for a hotel suite or a residence. Although it depends on various factors, such as the length of the stay and number of guests, here we have compiled a detailed study on what’s preferable for hotel guests in Pakistan.

What is Hotel Suites?

It is like a standalone spacious room with a separate living area. It usually has one or two bedrooms with an attached bathroom. In many hotels, a dining area is part of the suites as well.

Mostly, hotel suites have living rooms and bedrooms separated by a solid partition like a door.

Given its inclusive setup, families with young kids like better to stay in hotel suites. They are also the preference of groups with one or more couples traveling together. People checking in at hotel suites do it for the features including mini-bar, entertainment systems, and upscale bathroom fixtures. They also have access to hotel facilities like pools, gyms, and spas.

The servicing by the hotel staff members combines to make it a great spend for guests.

One thing that appeals to individuals choosing hotel suites is the fact that they can benefit from the perks of the hotel such as dining and valet car parking. The amenities like housekeeping, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and breakfast option add to its charm.

Suffice it to say, hotel suites are luxurious accommodations best for short stays of visitors.

What is Hotel Residence?

A hotel residence is an accommodation that brings the services and amenities of a hotel and a rented apartment in one place. It offers the facilities of a guesthouse with the space and privacy of a home.

It is a space typically furnished for guests and equally caters to short-term and long-term stays.

Hotel residences are larger in size, more elaborate, and more spacious than hotel suites. The housekeeping facilities, the accessibility of living essentials, and maintenance support combine to make it an ideal spot for people looking for a convenient setup.

The lodgers count it as the best option when looking to book a space for an extended stay.

The hotel residences come with the opportunity of a Kitchenette that includes items like utensils, a microwave, stove, oven, and refrigerator. There is also the perk of the laundry machine. These are the amenities that allow the guests to live independently as one does at home.

They are also great when guests are coming for some kind of celebration as it allows them to reside at a venue that can offer space and ease in one go. In other words, hotel residences are best for people who desire privacy and control. They offer lodgers ease of management without having to rely on staff for every basic necessity. They are the best combo of home comfort and hotel luxury.

Hotel residences are perfect for people coming to spend vacations or take long business trips.

Difference b/w Hotel Suites & Hotel Residences

The main distinctions between hotel houses and conventional hotels are several. The duration of the stay, the standard of services, the size and design of the rooms, and the facilities given are just a few examples of these variations.

The style and nature of the services mainly distinguish hotel suites and hotel residences. While hotel suites have trained staff to cater to the needs of the occupants, hotel residences offer features, and equipment along with servicing which let the residents live in privacy.

Hotel residences frequently provide equivalent services and facilities to those found in hotel suites. The lodgers take advantage of perks like concierge, housekeeping, fitness centers, and pools. They also present on-site dining alternatives and conveniences like laundry facilities and valet parking.

Radisson Blu Hotel and Residences

A Perfect Blend of Comfort & Luxury

Radisson is a known and reliable name in the hospitality sector with 1,740 hotels in many different locations of the world. Millions around the globe enjoy and approve of their 5-star facilities and count them as the best. Its extension in Pakistan with the collaboration of the J7 group indicates the beginning of a new chapter that will open many prospects for the tourism of the land.

Pakistan misses out on an authentic 5-star hotel that can cater to the needs of international and domestic guests alike. The presence of Radisson Blu Hotel and Residences is going to fill the void left unattended for many decades. The facility of hotel suites and hotel residences under one flagship is a step to assist customers under one roof.

Radisson Blu Islamabad: More than a Place to Stay

A Hotel Designed to Make the Guests Feel the Difference

Radisson Blu Hotel and Residences bring forth luxury and comfort from where guests can enjoy a top-class treatment with basic amenities. Rather than confining their guests to a single hall, Radisson Blu Hotel and Residences offer an abundance of halls including multi-purpose halls, banquet halls, functional halls, and pre-functional halls. The offerings such as co-working spaces, business lounges, and casual workspace assist the lodgers to continue their work with the ease of an actual workplace.

The addition of an all-day dining floor with the availability of international cuisines extends a gastronomical experience to people staying at the hotel. On top of that, the introduction of a rooftop Balustine restaurant adds to the delight of guests with exquisite Middle Eastern & Turkish cuisine.

A lobby on the 14th floor is designed to allow guests to enjoy the scenic views. Radisson Blu Hotel & Residences goes a notch up by housing an internal sauna, sauna, and swimming pool within the boundaries of the hotel – an attempt to bring luxury and comfort to one place. The staff is trained specifically for hotel residents to meet their diverse needs.

Radisson Blu is an entity that has altered the narrative of hotels and hospitality industry.

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