Is Pakistan a Tourist Destination?

May. 23, 2024
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Top Places to Visit North Pakistan for Travelers

Even after an obvious lack of strategic promotion, there is an abundance of travelers who frequents the top places of the country. So, why do tourists visit Pakistan every year? What are the features that attract tourists to Pakistan? Above all, is Pakistan a tourist destination?

Pakistan: A Hub of Multiple Mountain Ranges

The land is a spot for major mountain ranges, attracting tourists and travelers from each part of the world. The exquisite beauty of these attractions equally seeks the attention of locals, expats, and foreign travelers. Here are some of the best locations for people to check out when in Pakistan.

Himalayas Mountain Range, Pakistan

The Himalayan Range extends into Pakistan’s northern regions, including the Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir areas. This section of the Himalayas features several majestic peaks, including the famous Nanga Parbat. Nanga Parbat is the ninth-highest mountain globally, renowned for its difficult climbing routes, which appeals to explorers hungry for extraordinary adventures.

Figure 1: Himalaya Mountain Range, Pakistan

Hindukush Mountain Range, Pakistan

The Hindu Kush extends across Pakistan. It runs through the northwestern part of the country. It invites a large number of explorers around the globe for expeditions. This mountain range holds historical significance, serving as a crossroad for various ancient civilizations and trade routes. It is also known for its breathtaking landscapes and challenging hiking trails, which don’t miss to impress nature lovers.

Karakoram Mountain Range, Pakistan

The Karakoram Range is one of the most renowned mountain ranges in the world, known for its towering peaks and challenging climbing opportunities. It is home to K2, which is the second-highest peak in the world. The Karakoram Range also includes other notable peaks like Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and II, and Nanga Parbat.

Figure 2: Karakoram Mountain Range, Pakistan

Pamir Mountains, Pakistan

Another addition to the beauty of North Pakistan which is full of natural elements is the Pamir Mountains. They are known as the roof of the world, extending further into northern regions. Their extension into Pakistan contributes to the significant mountain ranges of the country. These mountains have a unique and untouched beauty that adds charm to their peaks.

The Lush Scenic Valleys as a Touristic Destination

  • Swat Valley
  • Hunza Valley
  • Gilgit Valley
  • Naltar Valley
  • Naran Valley
  • Kaghan Valley

The Significance of Islamabad in North Pakistan

What is the Significance of Islamabad in North Pakistan? The city is the capital and acts as a center point for many of the neighboring locations in the country. It includes many big and small cities and towns, mountain ranges, and valleys in the North. It is a welcoming spot for international and domestic travelers opting to step toward the mountainous range up north.

Figure 5: Pakistan Monument Located in Islamabad

The capital is also a main point for many prime geographic locations including the major cities of Pakistan. It leads to cities like Peshawar (186.5 km via AH1/M-1), Lahore (374.1 km via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/M-2), and Multan (536.8 km via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/AH1/M-2 and M-4) known for different specialties respectively.

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The Inception of a True 5-star Experience

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The good news is that Radisson is finally arriving in Pakistan launching their first 5-star hotel at the central point of the country; the capital. Radisson Blu is a renowned international name with a proven record in 5-star hotels and hospitality. It is a perfect match for luxury accommodations and spectacular touristic venues with world-class additions.

What’s So Special About It? It is a project planned to elevate the tourism of Pakistan from the initial stage. A place with nearby locations such as Islamabad Airport, Motorway (M1-M2), and Srinagar Highway at a close distance. The best part about it is that it is finally open for investments.

Radisson Blu Hotel & Residences Islamabad is a perfect opportunity designed to benefit buyers with leisurely living as well as a profitable investment while they are away.

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